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Frequently Asked Questions for Pushpay


1. What is Pushpay?

Pushpay is a company that provides fully customizable mobile church apps and offers an easy-to-use digital giving solution to include online, mobile and text giving.

2. What is Church Community Builder (CCB) (aka myAssurance)?

CCB is a company that provides us with an online church management system, known to us as myAssurance, that is way more than just an online people database. It also allows us to create groups, create needs lists for those groups, plan events, and reserve rooms & resources for the use events, create online forms, track deductible and non-deductible giving, and much more.

3. Is myAssurance being replaced by Pushpay?

No. The myAssurance platform is being enhanced by Pushpay. In December 2019, Pushpay acquired Church Community Builder (aka myAssurance) to deliver a best-in-class, fully integrated church management system (ChMS), custom community app, and digital giving solution for customers in the US faith sector. The myAssurance platform is highly complementary to Pushpay's custom app and giving solution.

4. I currently have a repeating gift schedule set up in myAssurance. Will I need to cancel that schedule,
and set up a new gift schedule through Pushpay? 

Yes. The reason is that Pushpay is also replacing our current third-party merchant. A third-party merchant is a company that processes credit/debit and ACH payments for organizations. This happens behind the scenes and shouldn't be noticeable to you.

5. How do I cancel my current repeating gift schedule in myAssurance?
  1. Log in to myAssurance.

  2. Click on MY GIVING from the left-hand menu.

  3. Click on the SCHEDULES/HISTORY tab.

  4. Under the REPEATING GIFT SCHEDULES section, you should see the word Cancel in blue.

  5. Click Cancel, and then Confirm.


6. Can someone at the church cancel my current repeating gift schedule in myAssurance for me?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Dawn in the church office at or 704-391-9567.


7. What forms of payment does Pushpay accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and ACH (checking or savings account) are all accepted.


8. Do I have to pay any additional fees to give online?

No. The church incurs some minor fees, but you will not have to pay any fees when you give online. Giving online is a cost-efficient way for the church to process donations.

  1. Pushpay will give you the option to add 2.2%, on top of your gift, to contribute to the church’s processing costs, but please don’t feel obligated.


9. How do I access the Assurance Pushpay giving page?

There are three ways to access our Pushpay giving page.

  1. Click on our giving link.

  2. Text the word assuranceumc to 77977 (not case sensitive). 

  3. You will also be able to access our giving page through our custom Assurance app once it is complete.

10. Why do I need to provide my mobile number when making a gift through Pushpay?

There are two reasons.

  1. The first reason is so that Pushpay can text you a security code to complete your mobile transaction. This is handy if you don’t want to log in to your Pushpay account because you won’t have to worry about remembering a password.

  2. The second reason is that your mobile number will provide the common link between your Pushpay transactions and your myAssurance profile so that your financial transactions can be synced between the two platforms.

11. Will I need to provide my email address when making a gift through Pushpay?

Yes, but only once, with your first transaction. Pushpay will then email a receipt to you after each transaction.

12. Will I need to create an account with Pushpay?

No. You can give without creating an account.

  • You will want to create a Pushpay account if you want to edit or cancel your recurring gift schedule. Not to worry, setting up a Pushpay account is quick and easy.

13. How do I set up a new recurring giving schedule in Pushpay?

Access our Pushpay giving page on your mobile or computer (three ways to access listed above).

  1. Type in the amount of your gift.

  2. Select your gift type (one-time gift or recurring)

    • If the gift type is recurring, then select your frequency and starting date.

  3. Select the fund that your gift should be applied to.

    • If you are unsure which fund to select, our Operating Fund is where it is most needed.

  4. Select “Next.”

  5. Enter your mobile phone number, and then select “Send code.”

    • Pushpay will send you a one-time security code to enter into the next screen, and then select “Confirm.”

  6. Enter your payment method, if this is your first time. You will not need to enter your payment method for future gifts.

  7. Confirm that the details of your gift look correct, and if so, then select either the “Give $” or “Schedule recurring gift” button at the bottom of the screen.

14. Can I make a one-time gift using Pushpay?

Absolutely! Whether you are making a one-time gift or setting up a recurring gift schedule, Pushpay makes it easy. Once you access our Pushpay giving page, you may choose “Give one time,” or “Set up recurring.”

15. Will I still be able to access my giving transaction history in myAssurance anytime?

Yes. Once our migration from our current third-party merchant to Pushpay is complete (our target date is mid-late March), Pushpay and myAssurance will sync financial transactions. You will then be able to log in to myAssurance to view your giving history.

16. Will you still mail my giving statement to me once the calendar year closes?

Yes. Each January, Assurance will still mail your annual giving statement to you.

17. I’ve heard that Assurance is creating a custom app that will be available on the Apple and Android
platforms. When will the app be available for download?

Our target date for completing our app is the end of March. We will be communicating more about the app in the coming weeks.

18. After I completed my online gift, I noticed a link to download the Pushpay app. Is this the new
custom app for Assurance, and should I download it?

No. That is a link to a generic Pushpay app. There is no need to download this generic app. Our new custom Assurance app will be available for download by the end of March. We will communicate with the church when our new app is complete.

19. Who can I contact with questions or concerns that I have about any of this?

Please reach out to Dawn in the church office at or 704-391-9567. She is happy to help!

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