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Upcoming Events
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CORE programming will be each Sunday!

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Pilgrimage to Confirmation

This journey is for youth in grades 7 and up who are ready to take the next step in their faith formation and to dig deeper into it what it means to become a member of the United Methodist Church.

CORE Leaders

The CORE leadership team has representatives from MS and HS who will work together with Michelle and CORE volunteers in a variety of ways. Things like planning fun outings/events/retreats/missional outreach. These leaders will help behind the scenes and during meetings, being the voice of the Youth!

Youth Helpers

There are lots of volunteer opportunities to volunteer throughout the year in the GrowZone on Sunday mornings and at KidMin events like VBS, advent fair, Lenten Fair, and FOUR:12.


Our youth serve within the church and locally whenever the need arises.

Summer Mission Trip

In July of every year, our CORE youth go on a week long mission trip.


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Safe Sanctuaries offers clear child abuse prevention and risk reduction policies that all local Methodist churches have been mandated to have had in place and operational by December 31, 2005. In this packet, you will find the policy, more defined information regarding the individual procedures around some of our unique programs, as well as the needed informational volunteer application forms. 

You should be aware that we have gone to great lengths to provide a nurturing, loving environment where you can feel secure in leaving your child. A church should be a safe place, never a place to feel threatened by any form of abuse; whether physical, emotional, or sexual. 

Our efforts involve, but are not limited to, background checks, visibility, age requirements, roving monitors, and/or multiple adults in each room. 

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