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Word on the Street is a movement of persons led by Pastor Charles DiRico, who are committed to listening for what Jesus is already speaking and doing on the streets of our communities in order to join Him in His loving work there. This commitment to LISTENING and LOVING for Jesus is expressed through the two 'L's that when connected, create the 'W' within our logo.

how we

Word on the Street was launched in 2017 at a place known as the “Hope Chapel” which is located in Uptown Charlotte adjacent to the emergency shelter for men who are experiencing homelessness. On Thursdays at the Hope Chapel, persons from all walks of life, both the housed and unhoused, join together for a hot lunch that is served outside of this tiny chapel. After the meal, we gather together, as we feel led, inside the chapel as part of a worship service. These “Hope Chapel Thursdays” remain a focal point of our week as they continue to inspire and shape the Word on the Street movement.

where we are

This movement is not limited to a particular chapel, a particular street, or a particular day of the week. It’s not limited to Charlotte or even North Carolina. Instead, we believe that Jesus is calling us to offer new ways of being His church on the streets of all communities. These new ways of being His church are what some have described as “Fresh Expressions” of church.

Word on the Street is committed to being a radically welcoming, radically inclusive, and radically loving movement.
EVERYONE is welcome, and we do mean EVERYONE!

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