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Micah's Backpack

Micah's Backpack ministry provides meals and snacks for children in our area during the school year, who would otherwise be hungry during the weekends. We are currently serving 20 children at our faith partner schools. 

New Needs List Available

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The volunteer needs list for Micah’s Backpack has been updated and we would love to have you join us in providing food for students in our partnering schools. Due to the way the school schedules have been organized, bags will need to be delivered to the schools no later than Tuesday mornings. This means for those who have signed up to pack, bags will need to be packed no later than Sunday.

Please reserve your time to pack with Dawn in the office as many groups are reserving the basement space for meetings!

we are very blessed to be able to continue to offer this ministry to those in need and appreciate your patience and support as we navigate these times.

To call the office, dial: (704) 391-9567. For more information email

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