Reach Out

Our goal is to encourage one another to Reach Out..
...of your comfort zone help someone in need make a difference be God's hands and feet

The Reach Out group is currently looking for temporary storage for some furniture items as a part of one of their projects. If you have space you can offer, please contact Larry Poelma.

The group meets twice a month, rotating through participant's homes. The first Friday of each month we gather to fellowship and study a variety of challenges facing our communities/church. The group also comes together on the third Saturday of each month to participate in service projects and/or educational events. 

This group is multi-generational and open to any age group. We all have diverse backgrounds, but share the common goal of putting our faith into action. We hope to not only learn more about these challenges and discern our response as Christians, but also bring awareness to the community around us. 

Feel free to join us at any time! Email for more details.