“When Life Gives You Lemons…” – A Call To Trust

Life Gives You Lemons.jpg


Psalm 23

Reflection Questions

1.   Which do you enjoy or feel most comfortable doing: being led or being the leader? Why? Does it depend on the situation?

2.   Read Psalm 23:1-4. In what ways are you like a sheep in your walk with God? In what ways are you not?

3.   Is it hard for you to trust God? Why or why not? Where do you trust God the most in your life? Where do you think you may trust God the least? Why? When life doesn't go according to plan (lemons), how does trust play a role in your faith in those moments? 

4.   Can you name a difficult time in your life when God gave provision and protection? What did it look and feel like? 

 Going Further

Read Psalm 23:5-6. How does the promise of dwelling “in the house of the Lord forever” give you comfort in the midst of life’s difficulties? How does trusting in eternity gives us hope and even motivation in the now?