Tune Out the Noise


1 Samuel 17:28-30

Reflection Questions

1.    Max Lucado says of David and Goliath: “Focus on giants—you stumble. Focus on God—your giants tumble.” When you personally focus on your giants, and not on God, what stumbles do you take? When you focus on God, what tumbles have you seen from your giants?

2.    What types of “noise” come your way when you begin the process of focusing on God and standing up to your giant(s)? Is the noise from other people? From yourself? Both?

3.    Pastor Lonnie said on Sunday that “you have permission to believe that God wants to use you.” How do we embrace this statement by tuning out the noise that tries to discourage us, yet also remind ourselves to avoid the giant of pride and self-indulgence?

Digging Deeper

Check out Max Lucado’s advice from David and Goliath at this devotional: http://www.christianity.com/devotionals/upwords-max-lucado/take-goliath-down-11630947.html