Lean On Your Experiences


1 Samuel 17:31-37

Reflection Questions

1.    When you face a problem or difficulty (a giant) do you think about how God might be glorified in the situation or do you mainly focus on just avoiding it? Why?

2.    How have your past experiences (good and bad) helped to shape who you are today? How can these experiences (successes and failures) help you both confront and take down your current or future giants?

3.    Author Ryan Holiday says: “We are A-to-Z thinkers, fretting about A, obsessing over Z, yet forgetting all about B through Y.” Why do you think of this statement? Why do we so often overlook the very things that shape us and make us stronger?

Digging Deeper

Read Charles Spurgeon’s sermon (from 1875) on the topic of David’s lions at the following link: http://www.spurgeongems.org/vols19-21/chs1253.pdf