Be Confident in Your Own Skin


1 Samuel 17:37-40

Reflection Questions

1.    Read 1 Samuel 17:37: How has God been with you when you faced your “lions and bears”? How has God been your rescue in times of trouble and/or difficulty?

2.    Read 1 Samuel 17:38-40: Why do you think that Saul wanted David to wear his armor, even if it didn’t fit him? Has someone in authority ever given you advice that you knew just “didn’t fit”? How did you handle that situation?

3.    Why is it important for all of us to be comfortable in our own skin when striving for victory over our giants? What is the difference between learning from the success of others and finding our own path to victory?

Digging Deeper

Read Ephesians 6:10-17: Reflect on how spiritual Goliaths can be as or more challenging than the literal Goliath. How does this famous passage from Ephesians bring us comfort to face those spiritual Goliaths? How does the idea of being comfortable in our own abilities (though God) relate to the Armor of God passage and achieving victory over our giants?