The Surprising Unfairness of God



Matthew 20:1-16

Reflection Questions

1.   How would you describe fairness? How important is fairness to you? Why? Is there a difference between fairness we should try to achieve and fairness that is just a part of life?

2.   Read Matthew 20:1-16. After reading this parable, do you like this story? Do you think the owner of the vineyard is wrong in his actions? Why or why not?

3.   Who do you identify with the most in the story -- the early risers or the late comers? Why?

4.   Do you think it is better to be an early riser or a late comer in the kingdom of heaven? Why?

5.   Read Matthew 20:15 again. What does this verse say about the sovereignty of God? What should our response be to this sovereignty? 

 Going Further

While suffering is always something that can happen, why should we see the life of faith as joyful work instead of laboring in resentment? What cultural mindsets influence people to think that faithfulness is not a joyful life, but that instead it is a difficult life with only a reward in the end? How can we avoid that type of thinking?