The Story of Jesus: New Beginnings



John 14:25-27; Acts 1:6-9; Acts 2:1-47

Reflection Questions

1.    What was the Lower Story this week? What was the Upper Story this week? What was Our Story this week?

2.    Read John 14:25-27 and Acts 1:6-9. Jesus was clear that our source of power to share his life-saving message is the Holy Spirit. How have you experienced the Holy Spirit filling you, moving you, and giving you strength to share the message and love of Jesus?

3.    Read Acts 2:1-47. What are your initial thoughts after reading this chapter? How would you have responded to Peter’s sermon? Why would you have responded that way?

4.    Continuing in Acts 2, specifically looking at verses 42-47, what are your thoughts on the image of the community of believers? Do you like it? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you think the church looks like this today? Why or why not?  

Going Further

Re-Read Acts 1:6-9. In this passage, Jesus told his followers that their ministry would occur in four distinct locations. How do you see God using you, your church, and the church at large to share the life-saving message of Jesus in these four areas: Jerusalem (your neighborhood or immediate area), Judea (your surrounding community and region), Samaria (the tough places many people avoid), and the Ends of the Earth (around the world).