The Story of Jesus: Scandalous Gift



February 25th


The Story of Jesus - Scandalous Gift

Luke 1:26-28, Luke 1:46-56, Luke 2:6-7, John 1:1-5, John 1:9-13, John 10:10

  1. What was the Lower Story this week? What was the Upper Story this week? What was Our Story this week?
  2. Looking at all three stories from this Sunday, how do you see God moving in the concept of the Incarnation? How does the baby Jesus speak to you (beyond the Christmas season of sentimentality)?
  3. Read Luke 1:46-56. What can we learn from Mary’s reactions to her surprisingly and seemingly disturbing news (at least at first)?
  4. Read John 1:1-5, 9-13. Why do you think the world rejected “the light” (Jesus)? Like the Nativity Story, how do we sometimes tell God “there is no room in the Inn”? How can we keep our hearts open for Jesus to not only knock, but have us let him in? 


Read John 10:10. What do you think Jesus means by having “life to the full”? How do you believe the concept of the Incarnation (God with us) gives us the key to living a life to the full? What does that look like?