The Storyteller: Lost and Found Part 2



Luke 15:11-31; John 15:9-11; Matthew 20:1-16

 Reflection Questions

1.   Read Luke 15:11-31. When you read these verses do you relate more to the older (behaving) or younger (misbehaving) brother? Why?

2.   How would you have responded if you had been the older brother? Would you have celebrated your brother’s return? Or would you have been upset as well? Why?

3.   Read John 15:9-11. How does this mindset found in John’s Gospel contrast the angry mindset of the older brother?

4.   What is the difference between following Christ’s commands in love and following them in a spirit of bad religion? What is the difference between living in grace and trying to earn grace? 

Going Further

Read Matthew 20:1-16. How is this parable similar to the Parable of the Lost Sons (Prodigal Son)? Why does this seem so unfair? And yet, why is God’s love and grace so wonderfully unfair?