The Storyteller: Lost and Found Part 1



Luke 15:1-24

 Reflection Questions

1.   Read Luke 15:1-10. Which story, the lost sheep or lost coin, resonates with you the most and why? How does it speak to your spiritual life and understanding of God’s love for you?

2.   Read Luke 15:11-16. In all honesty, in your mind, did you feel that justice had prevailed as you read what happened to the lost son? If yes, why? If no, why not?

3.   Read Luke 15:17-24. What are your initial thoughts when you read about the father’s response? Is it joy? Is it shock? Something else?

4.   The father represents God in this parable. With that truth, how does this parable help you understand the extravagance of God’s amazing grace?

5.   What does the Parable of the Lost Son have to teach us about free will and repentance? Why does a loving God allow free will and also require repentance? 

Going Further

If the church lovingly welcomes “sinners” like the lost son, does it run the risk of looking like it condones sin? How can the local church manage that tension? What does that tension look like in relationships and families as well?