The Storyteller: The Humble and the Humbled



Luke 18:9-14

Reflection Questions

1.   How would you describe the difference between good pride and bad pride? Why is this distinction important? What are some examples of good pride? What are some examples of bad pride?

2.   Read Luke 18:9-12. Why do you think it is so easy to fall into the trap of looking down on others who may look differently, believe differently, vote differently, behave differently, or live differently than us? How can we avoid this trap?

3.   Read Luke 18:13-14. What stands out the most to you about these two verses? What words grab your attention? Why?

4.   How does the world typically view humility? How does God view humility? How can we, as followers of Christ, be both strong and resilient, while also being humble and kind? Is this possible?

Going Further

Think about a time when you were too prideful and in the process were “humbled.” In reflecting upon that moment, how would things have gone differently if you were “humble” beforehand? What lessons did you learn through that experience? How can you take those lessons with you into future experiences?