The Storyteller: Foundations



Matthew 5:1-7:6; Matthew 7:24-29

Reflection Questions

1.   Why is the concept of story so important to us individually and communally?

2.   What stories have shaped your life and why? Were they family stories? Childhood or adolescent stories you re-tell? Stories from books or movies? Stories about historical figures?

3.   Read Matthew 7:24-29. How are Jesus and Jesus’ words the foundation of life? How does this foundation protect, comfort or strengthen you in life’s inevitable storms?

4.   What are the distractions in your life that keep you from building your foundation on Christ and his teachings? What can you do to move beyond these distractions?

Going Further

Read Matthew 5:1-7:6. This is often called "The Sermon on the Mount." After reading these challenging and inspiring words, consider how you can apply them to your life. Which parts of the sermon are the hardest to practice? Why? Which parts of the sermon are the easiest to practice? Why?