The Journey


Genesis 12:1-9

Reflection Questions

  1. In a few words or phrases, how would you describe your faith journey? 
  2. God called Abraham and Sarah to place their trust in Him.  At times, this was easier said than done for the couple!  Do you find it easy to trust God?  What may prevent you from putting your complete trust in God?  What are some steps you can take to further deepen your trust in God?
  3. In Genesis 12:2, God promises to bless Abraham and Sarah so that their descendants and they will be a blessing.  How has God blessed your journey?  Consider how God may be calling you to use your blessings to bless someone else today.

Digging Deeper

“Map out” your faith journey.  Name the people and events in your life that have shaped your journey.  Have there been any surprises, unexpected turns or detours, mountaintop experiences or bumps in the road?  How have you experienced God’s presence and guidance along the way?  Consider sharing your story with others and inviting others to share about their journey with you.