The Jesus Perspective



Matthew 5:10-12; John 15:12-17; Philippians 1:29-30

 Reflection Questions

1.    It is said that “perception is reality.” How do you think Christians are perceived by non-Christians? Why?

2.    If we believe the perception of our faith is inaccurate or even unfair, how should we respond? What are the things we should say? What are the things we shouldn’t say? Should we say anything at all?

3.    Why should the church’s message to the world be centered more on how much God loves us and not what others may think of us? If we focus more on how much God loves us, how does that then impact how we treat others (even our enemies)? What do you think we can learn from Jesus on this subject?

Going Further

Read one of the Gospels this week (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Spend time reflecting on how Jesus reacted to those around him (friends and enemies). Then reflect on these questions: When did Jesus respond with meekness? Why? When did Jesus respond more firmly? Why? And, how does the life of Jesus speak to my current situation and how I should respond?