The Happier Life - Show Some Grit



Matthew 5:10-12, Proverbs 21:2, Jeremiah 17:9

Reflection Questions

1.   What are the different forms persecution can take? What is the difference between persecution and inconvenience or bad treatment?

2.   Read Matthew 5:10-12. What are your initial reactions to this passage? Is it shocking? Is it comforting? Why?

3.   Why do you think Jesus ended the Beatitudes with a statement on persecution?

4.   Have you ever stood by your convictions in a way that caused you difficulties? If yes, how did your faith get you through those difficulties?

5.   Read Proverbs 21:2 and Jeremiah 17:9. If we find ourselves being persecuted or having difficulties, how can we know it is for the right reasons? How do we properly determine the truth of the matter? 

 Digging Deeper

Re-Read Matthew 5:1-12. What beatitude spoke the most to you throughout this series? Why? What Beatitude was the most challenging in this series? Why?