The Happier Life - Mercy is as Mercy Does



Matthew 5:7; Luke 10:25-37; Matthew 18:23-35

 Reflection Questions

1.   How do you understand mercy? Do you think our culture believes in mercy? Why or why not?

2.   Read Matthew 5:7. How do you understand this passage? What do you think Jesus means by the merciful will be shown mercy?

3.   Why is it so hard to let go of resentment and bitterness? What does mercy cost us in relation to those things? What do we gain by showing mercy?

4.   Have you ever been the recipient of mercy in your relationships? What did it feel like? 

5.   Read Luke 10:25-37. What does this famous parable teach us about the power of mercy? Why does mercy need to be more than a feeling and instead require action?  

 Digging Deeper

Read Matthew 18:23-35. What lessons can we find in this parable from Jesus? Does this parable seem a little harsh? Why would Jesus use such intense language? What do you think he was trying to accomplish?