The Happier Life - Hungry and Thirsty



Matthew 5:6; James 1:22-27

Reflection Questions

1.   Read Matthew 5:6. What is your understanding of righteousness? Does it differ from the understanding given in the sermon?

2.   What do you hunger and thirst for the most? Is it related to God and righteousness? 

3.   What did you think of the ideas of personal and social holiness? Why are both important to the idea of righteousness? How do both build off each other?

4.   What do you see as the connection between righteousness and happiness? 

5.   Why do you think we often do not hunger and thirst for righteousness (personal and social)? What things in our lives distract us or pull us away from this path to happiness?

6. Read James 1:22-27. What do you think James’ words have to do with the idea of practicing personal and social holiness? 

 Digging Deeper

Looking at Matthew 5:6, a famous pastor (Andy Stanley) once said: “Happy are those with no guilt, no regret and a clear conscience.” What do you think of this statement? Do you think this summarizes Matthew 5:6? Why or why not?