The Happier Life - Mourning = Healing?


Matthew 5:4; John 16:20-22

Reflection Questions

1.   Why do you think we as a culture often avoid the topic or even the action of mourning?

2.   Have you ever had a “good cry”? What does that even mean?

3.   Read Matthew 5:4. To what things do you tend to turn for comfort? Do they work? Do they last? Why or why not? What is different about the comfort that comes from God and the comfort that comes from things?

4.   Read John 16:20-22. How does our knowledge of God’s ultimate future bring us comfort in our mourning? How does mourning, and the knowledge of this eternal future, lead to a happier life?

5.   How can we be of comfort to others in their mourning? What does that look like? Similarly, how have others been a comfort to you in your mourning? And how did that ultimately lead to you having a happier life? 

Digging Deeper

Watch the following clip from the movie “Inside Out” and reflect and/or discuss on how sadness and joy sometimes go together, and how this realization can lead to a happier life: