How to Become a Super Disciple: Step Up and Step Out


Romans 12:1-11

 Reflection Questions

1.    Assurance’s statement of purpose is “to GROW as followers of Jesus to GO serve Christ in the world.” Why do you believe it is so important that our faith be both about “growing” and “going”? Why does God want our devotional faith to lead to a missional lifestyle?

2.    Read Romans 12:1-2: What do you think Paul means by becoming a “living sacrifice”? What does that entail? 

3.    Read Romans 12:3-8: Why is humility essential to both our individual and communal work in the Kingdom of God?

Going Further

Our going further this week is to simply look at the Assurance UMC website ( and discern what areas of service may work for you. You may be called to something like Room In The Inn or our Sharing Garden. Or assist with the food ministry of Micah’s Backpack. You may feel called to serve at one of our ministries at our missional campus “Connections.” For instance, their amazing summer reading program “SOAR.” You may feel called to help in the areas of children or youth. Or serve in the Sunday technical support areas. There are so many options! Use this week as a time of reflection on how and where to get connected at Assurance!