Spirited – Never Alone



Acts 9:31; John 14:16–18

Reflection Questions

1.   Why is having the Holy Spirit being active in our lives such an important part of our walk with Christ?

2.   Read Acts 9:31. The early church grew as it revered God and lived in the encouragement of the Holy Spirit. Why do you think thriving individually and communally is directly connected to the presence and dependence of the Holy Spirit?

3.   Read John 14:16-18. Jesus promised to not leave us as orphans. Do you feel like you live as an orphan or as a child of God? If an orphan, what needs to change so that you understand your status as a child of God?

4.   When you think back, can you see a time when the Holy Spirit was leading you? Did the Spirit comfort, counsel, or convict you? Why are all three of these important to the Christian walk?

Going Further

Have you ever received encouragement from the Holy Spirit during a difficult time? If yes, would you be willing to share with the group?