Spirited - Bold Prayer



Acts 4:23-31, Romans 8:26-27

Reflection Questions

1. When you think about prayer, what first comes to mind? Are all prayers “bold” prayers?

2. Think about your prayer life. How often do you converse with God? What type of things do you talk about?

3. Read Acts 4:23-31. The prayer begins with giving God praise and honor. What are some things we can praise God for today?

4. This prayer is thought to come on the forefront of the initial outbreak of persecution. Notice how Peter, John and the others respond to the situation first with prayer? Why is prayer often our last resort?

5. Read Romans 8:26-27. Paul is essentially affirming that the Holy Spirit assists us in our weakness. When we lack the words to pray, the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. Can you think of a time when you went to God in prayer, but just couldn’t find the words to say?

Going Further

Boldness has been described as action despite fear, is there a way the Holy Spirit is stirring your heart toward boldness?