Spirited – Knowledge and Truth



Acts 2:22–41; John 14:25–26; John 16:12–15; Ephesians 3:16-19


Reflection Questions

1.   When it comes to your personal devotional time, what role does the Holy Spirit play? Do you pray before you read Scripture? Do you pray when you read something that is confusing?

2.   Read Acts 2:22-41 and John 14:25-26. Likewise, what role does the Holy Spirit play in the sharing of the Good News you find in the Holy Scriptures?

3.   Read John 16:12-15. What experiences have you had of the Holy Spirit confirming the truth of Christ in your life? 

4. Read Ephesians 3:16-19. What do you think Paul means by “the fullness of God?” What do you think he means by grasping the love of God? What is the Holy Spirit's role in answering both these questions? 

5.   Why do you think so many of us have a hard time sharing the truth of Christ? Is it awkwardness? Is it fear of being labeled or judged? What can we do to do overcome both our own fear and the misrepresentations of sharing Jesus in our culture? 

 Going Further

How would you describe the difference between knowing of Jesus and knowing Jesus