Scandalous Love

Scandalous Love.jpg


John 8:2-11; John 1:16-17

Reflection Questions

1.   Read John 8:2-11. Where do you see yourself in this story? Do you identify more with the woman caught in adultery or the crowd? Why?

2.   In what ways do the words and actions of Jesus in John 8 convict and challenge you? In what ways do they console and comfort you?

3.   Read John 1:16-17. In the tension of grace and truth, why do we often run to one extreme over the other? What side do you typically go to first? Why?

4.   Jesus tells the woman, “then neither do I condemn you,” but then he says,“go now and leave your life of sin.” Jesus speaks bold truth and shows amazing grace. How do you see the balance of grace and truth playing out in your life? Why do we often struggle to live in this balance and/or tension?

5.   Why and what do you think Jesus wrote in the dirt in John 8? 

 Going Further

If Jesus also says to us, “then neither do I condemn you,” how does that impact how much we worry about what others may think of us? If Jesus does not condemn us for our past, why do we often condemn ourselves for it? How can we embrace God’s scandalous love?