Saving Christmas – The Determination of the Magi



Matthew 2:1-12


Reflection Questions

1.   What is your understanding of why we give gifts at Christmas?

2.   What is one of the most meaningful gifts that has been given to you? Why? 

3.   Read Matthew 2:1-6. The Magi were determined to find the new born King. They followed the star, although they were not 100% sure the exact spot it would take them. How can we demonstrate such determination in our faith as well? How can we trust God’s promises even when we can’t see all the answers right in front of us?

4.   Read Matthew 2:7-10. The Magi continually focused on the star of Christ (which represented Christ to them). Too many times we may lose focus with smaller “things” than an evil tyrant like Herod. How can we stay focused like the Magi? How can we either ignore or even overcome the “Herods” in our life that try to take away our focus on Jesus? 


Digging Deeper

Read Matthew 2:11-12. After finding Jesus, the Magi bowed down and worshipped the King of Kings. In our faith journey, why is worship so essential? What gift (physical, attitudinal or otherwise) do you want to give to Christ this Christmas as a gift of worship?