Saving Christmas - The Faith of the Shepherds


Luke 2:8-18

 Reflection Questions

1.   Read Luke 2:8-14. For a variety of reasons, shepherds were outcasts in their first century society. Yet, the angels visit them on the day of Christ’s birth. How is this Scriptural revelation significant? How does it illustrate that the message of Jesus is for all?

2.   When you hear the word “savior” like the Shepherds heard the first Christmas, what descriptive words come to you mind?

3.   The angel emphasizes that this good news is for “you” and that “for to you a child is born” and that there will be a “sign for you.” Why do you think the angel emphasizes the word “you” instead of saying something more generic?

4.   Read Luke 2:15-16. The Shepherds “go and seek” the newborn Christ. When God puts something on our hearts, why is it important to “go and seek” what and possibly even where God is doing God’s work? Why should our faith be active and not static?

5.   Read Luke 2:17-18. After meeting the newborn Christ, the Shepherds then spread the word of Jesus' birth, and all who heard them were “amazed.” What is our roll in telling the story of Jesus? How do you personally tell this story to those you know or meet? 

 Digging Deeper

One of the most famous songs ever written about this section of Scripture is Charles Wesley’s “Hark! The Herald Angel Sing.” It is a song of joy and praise. Why is the simple act of praise so essential to our faith? How does praising God not only bring us personal joy and peace, but then encourage us to go into the world with the message like the Shepherds?