Redeeming Repentance



Psalm 51

Digging Deeper:

1. How do you observe the season of Lent? Is there something you give up or take on? If so, why did you select this particular way to observe Lent?

2. Repentance involves turning away from the things that separate us from God so that we can turn toward and draw closer to God. What are the things in your life that separate you from God? How might you turn away from these things so that you can draw closer to God?

3. The Christian faith affirms that God's grace is greater than our sins. How does this truth affect how we journey through Lent? How we live everyday life?

Going Further:

Read Psalm 51:10. How does this verse speak to you during this season of Lent? How does this verse prepare us for Easter? Consider using this verse as part of your prayer life during Lent.