The Power of Words - Gossip

The Power of Words.jpg


Romans 12:3; Proverbs 16:28; Romans 13:10; Proverbs 17:4; Proverbs 26:20

 Reflection Questions

1.   How would you define gossip? How is gossip different than general conversation?

2.   Read Romans 12:13. Why do you think we gossip in the first place? Why is gossip such a strong temptation in our lives?

3.   Read Proverbs 16:28. How does gossip cause harm to both those being discussed and those doing the gossip?

4.   Romans 13:10. Ask yourself this question and answer as honestly as possible: Do you find that you participate in more helpful or more hurtful conversations throughout the day and week?

5.   Read Proverbs 17:4 and Proverbs 26:20. How can we avoid participating in gossip? What can we do to not engage gossip or even help to squash it? 

 Going Further

How has social media contributed to the problem of gossip in our culture? What steps can we take on social media to both avoid the gossip and contribute to a better way of communicating on that platform?