The Power of Words - The Untamable Object



James 3:1-12; James 1:26; Matthew 15:11

 Reflection Questions

1.   So, let’s just admit it: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is just simply untrue. In fact, words are often just as or more powerful than “sticks and stones.” Why do words carry so much weight?

2.   How have words harmed you in the past? Likewise, how have your past words possibly harmed others?

3.   In what relationship in your life do you have the hardest time controlling your tongue? Why? Have there been any consequences because of this struggle?

4.   Read James 3:1-12. What sticks out to you the most about James’ thoughts on the power of the tongue? How do you think the work of the Holy Spirit can help us tame what James believes no human can tame?

5.   Read James 1:26 and Matthew 15:11. Why is the witness of our faith so worthless if we are unable to control what we say? Have you ever been turned off by religion because of the words of a religious figure? 

Going Further

Read Matthew 15:17-18. Jesus makes it clear that what comes out of our mouths is tied to what is in our hearts. What faith practices can we engage in to guard our hearts and then improve our words? What positive habits can we use to help our mouths speak words of life, love and encouragement?