Conquering Fear



2 Timothy 1:7; Psalm 34:4; Psalm 56:3-4; John 14:27; Isaiah 26:3-4; Matthew 8:23-27; Matthew 14:22-31; Romans 8:35-39

 Reflection Questions

1.   What was your worst fear as a child? How did you conquer that fear? Or, have you conquered that fear?

2.   What fears do you struggle with the most now as an adult? Have you seen these fears have an influence on your life? Have you seen them have an influence on the lives of those closest to you?

3.   Read 2 Timothy 1:7. How does fear cause timidity and hesitancy in our lives? What kind of “power” do you think Paul is referring to in 2 Timothy?

4.   Read Psalm 34:4, Psalm 56:3-4, Isaiah 26:3-4 and John 14:27. How does a strong foundation in the eternal God help us work through and even conquer our fears? Would your life look different if you put your trust in God in all situations? What is the difference between fear and legitimate concern?

5.   Read Matthew 8:23-27 and Matthew 14:22-31. Looking at these two sections of the Bible, how can focusing on Jesus keep us from focusing on all of the “what if’s” that cause fear in our lives? How often do we sink like Peter when we take our eyes of Jesus and focus on the chaos around us? 

Going Further

Read Romans 8:35-39. During the week, when you wake up each day, read this passage out loud. Then pray for God’s peace and strength during the day. As each day progresses, see if you notice a difference in how much you feared. Did you notice more peace in your soul?