Overcoming Complaining

How to Get Out of Your Own Way Week 1.jpg


Philippians 2:14-16a; Philippians 2:17-18; Exodus 16:1-8; Psalm 106:24-25; Colossians 4:2; Luke 6:45

 Reflection Questions

1.   What do you complain about the most? Why? 

2.   What is the most minor thing that you complain about? What is the most significant thing you complain about? 

3.   Read Philippians 2:14-16a. How has complaining influenced your life? How is complaining different than holding “firmly to the Word of Life”, as Paul describes?

4.   Read Exodus 16:1-8 and Psalm 106:24-25. How is constantly complaining actually grumbling against the Lord? Does this perspective change how you understand complaining? 

5.   Read Luke 6:45 and Colossians 4:2. What are some blessings that you haven’t been grateful for lately? How can you regularly turn these blessings into gratitude toward God?

Going Further

Read Philippians 2:17-18. The Challenge: From today until next Sunday, try to go through each day without complaining. If a week seems too difficult, then try a day at a time. Whenever your feel the need to complain, praise God. Life up God and thank God for your blessings. As you go through the week—have you noticed any differences in your attitude?