Love's Timing


John 4:1-41; Matthew 22:36-40

Reflection Questions

1.    What about being interrupted and/or inconvenienced is so annoying? Why are we as a society so often resistant to these concepts?

2.    How does God often interrupt and inconvenience our lives? How do you personally respond when God does this to you? Why do you respond that way?

3.    Read John 4:27-35: What is Jesus trying to get his Disciples to understand about life and how, depending on the circumstance, certain opportunities are more important than others--even if it is not convenient or fits our desired plans? 

Digging Deeper

Read John 4:1-26: Imagine how the Samaritan woman felt in this conversation. The Son of God is speaking to her and at first she has no idea, but she allows herself to engage a conversation that is clearly guiding by God (even if it is not comfortable for her). Reflect upon your life and how you can be more open to allowing God to speak to and challenge you through the work of the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to be convicted? Are you willing to truly engage God on this level of vulnerability?