Love's Requirement


Luke 10:25-37; Philippians 2:3-4; Matthew 22:36-40

Reflection Questions

1.    Last week’s key point said, “We often have trouble loving all because we aren’t fully devoted to the all loving.” How do you find this to be true? Why is loving God first so essential to loving others?

2.    How does The Parable of the Good Samaritan illustrate the running theme of this series that it is just as important to be good as it is to be right (because being right means nothing if you are not good)?

3.    What do you believe it truly means to love your neighbor as yourself? What does this require of us all?

4.    Which people in your world are easiest to love, and why? Which people are toughest to love, and why?

Digging Deeper

Read the entire book of Jonah from the Old Testament (don’t worry…it’s short!). Reflect on Jonah’s conversation with God in chapter 4 and how it relates to our call to love all (even those we may not like).