Jonah 2: Prayer


Jonah 2:1-10

 Reflection Questions

1.    How would you describe your view of prayer? What is your biggest prayer need? 

2.   Why is prayer so often our last resort? Why do we have a tendency to turn to God when it seems there are no other options? How can we use the lessons of those experiences to go to God before it’s the last resort?

3.    Review Jonah 2:7-8:  What are some worthless idols we can cling to instead of putting our trust and hope in God? In our distress, when we pray to God, why do we run to God and not these idols? What does God offer that idols cannot?  

Going Further

Jonah 2 is in many ways like a psalm. Read the following Psalms and compare their themes to Jonah’s prayer: Psalm 106; Psalm 138; Psalm 142; Psalm 146.