Jonah 1: Flight


Jonah 1:1-17

 Reflection Questions

1.    Looking at your own life, do you think you would have been in “flight” from God (like Jonah) if he asked you to reach the very people you do not like (or even hate!)? Or have you ever been in “flight” from God for any other reason (calling on life, job, family, etc.)?

2.    In honest reflection, like Jonah does with the Ninevites, who are the people you struggle to like in this world? Why? And how do you think you can work through that to love them the way God desires?

3.    The idea of being blessed to be a blessing is central to both the New and Old Testaments. In what ways do you believe you and we as Church community are blessed? And, it what ways can we turn that into a blessing to others?

Going Further

Spend this week reading the entire book of Jonah. It is only four short chapters and very easy to read. And yet, it is also a very powerful book full of raw emotions through the interactions of a reluctant prophet and God. Ask yourself where you are like Jonah and where you are not.