I Am - The Resurrection and The Life


John 11:1-44; John 20:1-18

 Reflection Questions

1.    Why is the resurrection so essential to the Christian faith? How would your faith be different if there was no resurrection? How is your faith impacted by the truth of the resurrection? What does the statement “Christmas is the promise, Easter is the proof” mean to you?

2.    How does Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead foreshadow the resurrection of Jesus himself? Why do you think Jesus uses this opportunity to call himself “the resurrection and the life?"

3.    How does the resurrection impact your life right now? How does Easter transform your life to a life lived for today as much as for tomorrow? And how does Easter take away the burdens of the past that so often weigh down the present and future?

Going Further

This week, read more about the Easter Story in the other Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. These accounts can be found in the following verses: Mark 15:1-16:20; Matthew 26:1-28:20; Luke 22:1-24:53.