I Am - The Way, The Truth, and The Life


John 14:1-7

 Reflection Questions

1.    How is Jesus your way, your truth, and your life? What does this statement by Jesus mean for your church and your community?

2.    How does knowing God through Christ help us find direction, truth, and life? How do these three ideas interconnect in your experience of following Jesus in word and deed?

3.    Dallas Willard once said that it is very difficult to have the truth but not hurt anybody with it. What do you think he meant? Have you ever been hurt by the truth? What does that even mean?

4.    What does it mean to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15 NLT)? How does Jesus as the way and the life help us properly speak that truth in love?

Digging Deeper

Read all of John 13 and John 14, and then reflect upon how Jesus (The Way, Truth and Life) demonstrates those three principles in how he interacts and even serves those who are called to serve him.