I Am - The Good Shepherd


John 10:11-18

Reflection Questions

1.    Like sheep with a shepherd, where in your life might you need God’s guidance and protection?

2.    Can you name a time when God provided for you during a time of need? How did that experience affect your relationship with God?

3.    How do you know when God is guiding you? What steps can you take to become even closer to the Good Shepherd so you can hear His voice of guidance?

4.    Can you think of a time when God corrected you? How did you respond to God’s correction?

Digging Deeper

In thinking about the Scriptural idea of God being our Good Shepherd, read the following passages and spend time reflecting on them: Day 1: John 10:1-21;  Day 2: Job 5:17-26;  Day 3: Hebrews 12:4-13;  Day 4: Isaiah 53:4-6;  Day 5: Isaiah 40:10-11;  Day 6: Luke 15:1-7.