I Am - The Light of the World


John 8:12-19; Ephesians 5:8-14

 Reflection Questions

1.    What does goes grace mean to you and how has it given light to your life?

2.    Read John 8:12: Describe a time when Jesus helped you endure or overcome a seemingly dark and hopeless situation. How did Jesus reveal hope to you like a light in the darkness?

3.    Read John 8:13-19: Jesus speaks with confidence about His own witness as the Light of the World. Do you speak (to yourself and others) with a similar confidence that Jesus is the light of your life? If so, how do you share your faith openly and passionately with others without coming across as arrogant or abrasive?

 Digging Deeper

Read Ephesians 5:8-14: After reading these verses, ask yourself “how am I a reflection of the Light of the World to those around me?” As you go through the week, figuratively look at yourself in the mirror to examine how your reflection (your witness) can be a reflection of the Light of the World.