Romans 8:35-39

Reflection Questions

  1. How would you define or describe “grace”?
  2. How have you experienced God’s grace in your own life?
  3. Do you find it easy or difficult to accept God’s grace for yourself?  Do you find it easy or difficult to extend grace to others?  Why?

Digging Deeper

Reread Romans 8:35-39.  Paul reminds us that nothing separates us from God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, yet we may experience or encounter behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, and actions that may make it difficult for us to truly embrace God’s grace for ourselves (for example, defining ourselves by what we do and not who we are, perfectionism, etc.).  Consider the things in your life that may be inhibiting you from truly experiencing grace.  How can you live, on a daily basis, in the flow of God’s grace?