Givin’ It Up For Lent – “Givin’ Up On Your Way for The Way”

Givin it Up for Lent.jpg


James 3:13-4:10

Reflection Questions

  1. James asks, “Who is wise and understanding among you?”  Who do you consider wise and understanding in your life? 

  2. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? What is the difference between heavenly knowledge and heavenly wisdom? 

  3. Read James 3:13-18; “Humility” was considered by most of the ancient Mediterranean world to be more of an evil vice than a positive value. James’ phrase “humility that comes from wisdom” (Verse 13) then would have caused most folks to scratch their heads and say, “Nonsense!” How would you say humility is viewed by most Americans today? Why?

  4. How does given’ up our way for The Way provide a peaceful life?

Digging Deeper

Read James 4:1-10.  Are there issues discussed in this text that you struggle with? What might you need to give up so that you might more fully submit yourself to God and resist the evil forces of this world?