Givin’ It Up For Lent – “Givin’ Up On Showing Favoritism”


James 2:1-13

 Reflection Questions

1.   Read James 2:1. Have you ever been the victim of someone showing favoritism to someone else over you? How did that make you feel? In all honesty, have you found yourself on the other end of that question? How did it make others feel?
2.   Read James 2:2-7. James goes right at the issues of wealth and power. He is not saying that being rich is bad (or poor is always good), but he is exposing what was happening then (and many times today) where the rich were treated differently because of their worldly power. Why is it such a temptation to give in to this type of behavior? How can we guard against this trap?

3.   What does favoritism and partiality expose about those who practice it?

4.   James 2:8-11. James uses extreme examples, but what is his ultimate point in your opinion? How does an imbalanced faith life impact our witness to the world? How does it diminish the golden rule? 

5.   James 2:12-13. How does the idea of mercy bring us back to the matter of showing favoritism? 

 Digging Deeper

Watch the following link to get a deeper understanding of the person and book of James: