Givin' It Up For Lent - “Givin’ Up Anger”


James 1:19-20; Psalm 103:8; Proverbs 14:17

Reflection Questions

1.   What small things anger you the most? What large things anger you the most? Why?

2.   Do you typically spew or stew when it comes to anger? Why? What are some downfalls of suppressing our anger? What are the dangers of expressing our anger?

3.   Read James 1:19 and Psalm 103:8. What do these two passages teach us about anger and how it relates to our faith? 

4.   Read James 1:20. What is the difference between human anger and righteous anger? How do we discern the difference between the two? 

5. In what ways do we typically justify our "human anger"? How can we guard against such justifications? 

 Digging Deeper

Proverbs 14:17. When you have lost your temper in the past, what resulted from those moments? What lessons did you learn for the future?