The Resurrection Road - Easter Sunday 2019



Luke 24:1-35 

Reflection Questions

1.   What is your favorite Easter memory from your childhood or adolescent years? Why is this such a favorite memory?

2.   Read Luke 24:1-12. What would your reaction have been if you were one of the women who saw the empty tomb? What would your reaction have been if you were one of the persons hearing their story of the empty tomb? 

3.   Read Luke 24:13-24. The two disciples walking with Jesus seemed to have lost hope. Or maybe they had very slight glimmer of hope because of what they heard about the empty tomb. Either way, they were still in shock over what transpired with the suffering and death of Jesus. Have you ever been in a similar state in your walk with Christ? Why? How did you get to the side to hope and faith again?

4.   Read Luke 24:25-27. Why do you think Jesus reiterates what he had been saying to them all along? Why do we sometimes not see what God has been saying to us all along?

5.   Read Luke 24:28-35. As they walked, all seemed lost for the two disciples. However, after seeing Jesus, they hurried back to the very place where their hearts had been broken. How does the reality of the resurrection change everything? How does it give us hope? 

Going Further

How can you ensure that in each new day you have your eyes open to the ways God is at work in the world around you?