Do Not Fear God's Plan For Your Life


Luke 1:26-38; 1 Timothy 1:7

 Reflection Questions

1.    Think of a time when you found one of God’s interruptions to be inconvenient. How did you respond to His interruption?

2.     Why do you think constantly responding to life with fear is so detrimental to the concept of living in faith?

3.    Sometimes, God’s plans for our lives are not clear -- at least not in the immediate moment. How do you think we should respond while in those moments of questioning and discernment?

4.    Is there something holding you back from fully obeying God’s plans for your life? How do you think you can overcome this to live into God’s dreams for you?

 Digging Deeper

This week, every morning and/or evening, read what is called the “Magnificat” or “Mary’s Song”, which can be found in Luke 1:46-55. Read it as a prayer and reflect on how much of an honor Mary considers it to be one of God’s servants. Then contemplate how Mary’s words speak to your life and what God may be trying to do through you.