ONE: 8 Snack Supper Ministry

We thank you in advance for supporting the “snack supper” ministry for our youth in ONE:8. We ask parents to provide AND serve ONE meal at our ONE:8 meetings. If everyone answers this call to participate you will only have to serve once a school year. We need 2 families to serve each week and you can sign up for a particular date. A current list can be found at the link below. We’ve included a few guidelines concerning the preparing and serving of a “snack supper” to our youth. 

  • Remember that it is a “snack” supper; therefore, we are not obligated to make sure all stomachs are packed full.
  • Suggestions: pizza, hot dogs, tacos, potato bar, bagel bites, turkey/ham sandwiches, chicken nuggets, breakfast for dinner, etc.
  • Plan for 30+ youth and 5 adults. We ask that you bring supper, drinks, and dessert.You do not need to bring plates, cups, napkins, or utensils as they can be found in the pantry.
  • We eat at 5:15pm, so you should arrive by 5:00pm to set up and be prepared to serve.
  • Please clean up the sanctuary and kitchen areas when finished. Empty all trash into the dumpsters and replace bags in cans.

You can sign up for a specific date HERE

Thank you for helping to serve in this ministry!