This summer the Love in a Bag Ministry will be making almost 200 lunches each week. That's 200 children that might not otherwise get a lunch that day!

This loving ministry offers bagged lunches to children in our Connections Community throughout the summer months. The bags are prepared on Sundays and delivered to various communities in the Connections neighborhood at weekly fellowship events. 

There are opportunities to serve in this ministry by:

·      Donating items for the lunches,

·      Helping to assemble lunches, and

·      Distributing lunches in the community through picnic-style gatherings.


DONATE! If you’d like to donate items, we can use:

100% juice boxes

Single servings of regular peanut butter or nut free butter

Small cans of tuna (able to open without a can opener) or tuna packs

Single servings of fruit cups, applesauce or pudding cups

Single serving boxes of raisins

Single servings of a sweet snack (i.e. teddy grahams, chocolate chip cookies, oreos)

Packets of jelly or relish

For questions or to get involved with this ministry, contact